All about me

me pepI am a creative professional studying an MA in PR and Multimedia communication, and enjoy working across various platforms including; PR, social media, print, online, photography, with a specialist interest in animal welfare and husbandry. I am extremely passionate about non-profits.

My chosen genre is a mixture of both lifestyle and domestic pet and wildlife writing. I have five years experience of events organisation, from live shows to charity events; I am always on the look out to obtain more opportunities in PR, social media, journalism, and design.

Full disclosure I am dyslexic. And yes I get how ironic being a writer with dyslexia is, what can I say I love a challenge…  But just because it is my only weakness, doesn’t mean it isn’t my greatest strength. I am the first to admit that even now I will occasional mess up a sentence or spelling but nowhere near as bad as before. I have learnt to control my writing and words. Being dyslexic has allowed me to grow and find solutions to problems, learn how to proofread for myself as its impossible to have a sub on hand 24/7. I have also learnt that it is possible to overcome every obstacle life throughs at you. I love writing, and I am not going to stop because I find it difficult.

I also live with a condition call fibromyalgia, which is chronic pain all over the body and hope my blog post will bring awareness to the condition as it is often an illness not fully understood.

So, that is about all you need to know. So enjoy diving into my crazy world.

P.S – Have a look at my online portfolio, to have a sneak peak at my work.