Super Staffie Heroes

The last month I have been running my first solo campaign, called Super Staffie Heroes for Staffie and Stray Rescues,  as part of my final project for my Masters. I can not write to much on the campaign including theory as I have to write this for my report and do not want to copyright myself. So here is a basic rundown:

The campaign needed to fulfil 2 main aims; an increase in adoption rates and an increase in breed positivity. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have a bad reputation, they are said to be aggressive, violent and dangerous, but these are all misconceptions. Any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A study by Animal Friends pet insurance found out that Labradors are responsible for the highest number of attacks on postmen, not Staffies.

So with these two aims in mind, I created a campaign to turn the rescue Staffies into heroes, to prove that they are actually the superhero, not a villain.

Here is the content for the #SuperStaffieHeroes

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As part of this campaign was to get the dogs adopted as well. I tied in the Super Staffie Hero theme with their adoption images.

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The campaign officially finishes today and I can not wait to see what the result are and whether the target audience did the desired actions.

Once the report is over for my unit, I will publish the result.  But in the meantime, please go and check out Staffie and Stray Rescue!


Staffie and Stray Rescue Dog Show

I am working with Staffie and Stray Rescue, for my final major project, for which I am creating a PR campaign for them. Last Sunday was their fun day and dog show at Fernedown and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the show and photograph a lot of smiling faces.

Below are just some of the photos I took of the day.



One of the attractions was for the dogs, a food lucky dip. From what I saw this went down a treat with the woofs.

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I loved being around the dogs, I got so many amazing pictures. Those above are just some of the best ones. But my favourite one is this handsome boy:

handsome boy