Super Staffie Heroes

The last month I have been running my first solo campaign, called Super Staffie Heroes for Staffie and Stray Rescues,  as part of my final project for my Masters. I can not write to much on the campaign including theory as I have to write this for my report and do not want to copyright myself. So here is a basic rundown:

The campaign needed to fulfil 2 main aims; an increase in adoption rates and an increase in breed positivity. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have a bad reputation, they are said to be aggressive, violent and dangerous, but these are all misconceptions. Any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A study by Animal Friends pet insurance found out that Labradors are responsible for the highest number of attacks on postmen, not Staffies.

So with these two aims in mind, I created a campaign to turn the rescue Staffies into heroes, to prove that they are actually the superhero, not a villain.

Here is the content for the #SuperStaffieHeroes

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As part of this campaign was to get the dogs adopted as well. I tied in the Super Staffie Hero theme with their adoption images.

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The campaign officially finishes today and I can not wait to see what the result are and whether the target audience did the desired actions.

Once the report is over for my unit, I will publish the result.  But in the meantime, please go and check out Staffie and Stray Rescue!


Welcome to the new Tash Logic

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to the new Tash Logic, I have actually paid for a domain name because it is possibly one of the best ways to get a blog off the ground.

This blog will be dedicated to Animals, PR and Lifestyle, as my slogan says:

A mix bag I know but that its TashLogic!

I hope you enjoy my articles and have a look round my site, let me know what you think. I have uploaded some of my favourite blog posts, from past sites but am planning so much more.  Thank you for reading, and I can not wait to share my words of (maybe) wisdom.

Thank you for reading, and I can not wait to share by words of (maybe) wisdom.

Type soon.